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Achieving financial success doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a matter of deciding what you want to attain and creating a plan to get you there. That’s where we can help. At Marathon Investment Management, we’ll work with you to define your goals and develop a blueprint for managing your money and building your wealth. 


Services We Provide

"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do." - Leonardo da Vinci

Recently we have made some changes in personnel to develop a team, with you in mind, which excels in customer service, knowledge of investment markets and expertise in planning strategies to provide you with a master holistic review of your financial resources and financial health. In doing so, we have expanded our services to offer you:

  • Planning for financial independence

  • Preparing for a job transition or transition into retirement

  • Implementing a retirement plan for your business

  • Review of existing investments

  • Review of insurance; financial, property, and casualty

  • Diversifying and managing assets

  • Providing for a child's education

  • Medicare planning and implementation

  • Social Security benefits and options

  • Caring for elderly parents

  • Reducing tax burdens

  • Wealth transfer to next generation

  • Implementing charitable intentions

This helps to make certain all understand the "master plan" and we are working together to help you reach your goals.

Wealth Building for the Long Run

Achieving financial success doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a matter of deciding what you want to attain and creating a plan to get you there. That’s where we can help. At Marathon Investment Management, we’ll work with you to define your goals and develop a blueprint for managing your money and building your wealth.

As you look ahead, your mind may be filled with questions. What is most important to you—funding your children’s education, building a retirement nest egg, buying your dream home, creating a legacy? What kind of saving and investment plan will it take to achieve your priorities? And where do you need the most assistance? We’ll help you ask the right questions and find answers that work for you.

Before deciding on a plan of action, you many need to get your financial bearings. We can help you take stock of your assets and liabilities, how you use debt and how you spend your money.

If you have an existing investment portfolio, we can help you consider the types of assets you own—large- and small-company U.S. stocks, international equities, various kinds of bonds—and whether your current investment mix fits your financial goals and comfort level. If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll recommend investment allocations that can take you toward your objectives while keeping pace in today’s fast-paced markets.

Some financial advisers depend on complex academic theories for managing money. But theories don’t build wealth. Whatever your current financial needs and your long-term goals, at Marathon Investment Management, you’ll get real solutions to real-life issues, and a clear plan for achieving all of your objectives. Our financial advice and asset management services can put you on the road to your ideal financial future. We have a name for this process: Wealth Building for the Long Run.

Your Interests Are Our Only Concerns

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your financial adviser is leveling with you. You don’t have time to look for hidden agendas. At Marathon Investment Management, we put everything on the table. Our goal isn’t to sell you stock, bonds or insurance—it’s to help you achieve your goals. Our only products are financial analysis, professional advice and portfolio implementation. That’s all you pay us for. We receive no commissions for the investment products we recommend. Our only interest is in serving your interests.

We are independent and objective, and we follow one agenda—to help you make smart financial decisions that fit your goals and your resources. As part of that process, we tap more than 30 independent databases and periodicals.

At Marathon Investment Management, your investment plan doesn’t come off a shelf. During decades of coping with the ups and downs of financial markets and helping people from all walks of life, we have learned that the best way to build and execute a plan is to listen. Only after you’ve explained where you stand financially, and where you want to go, will we recommend a course of action.

Even then, establishing your plan is only the beginning. Achieving financial goals is a lifelong process, and we encourage you to take an active part. Through regular reviews of your progress, seminars, newsletters and communications via e-mail and our website, we will keep you informed and help you expand your financial knowledge. Your questions, comments and concerns are always welcome.

What Do You Really Want To Do With Your Money?

Building wealth for the long run takes time and money. You need to be organized, focused and committed. But there’s something even more important—you have to understand what you truly hope to achieve. At Marathon Investment Management, we will take you through a step-by-step process of identifying your most important goals.

Sometimes, asking big questions can be frightening. Forced to confront your future, and to choose a vision that will form the basis of a plan that will guide you for decades to come, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Yet by working through a deliberate process of setting goals, identifying resources and taking crucial first steps, you may find fear giving way to optimism and enthusiasm.

What values do you hold dear? And how do your personal priorities translate into financial objectives? How much money will you need to reach each of your goals? How much will you need to invest? How could certain investment strategies affect your results in the next decade? What about the next two or three decades? In discussing all of these questions, we want to help you get comfortable with your objectives and what it will take to bring them within reach.

Armed with a thorough understanding of where you want to go, we’ll design an optimal mix of investments that can help get you there. Your portfolio will be based on your goals, your risk tolerance and your timetable. It will be diversified among a broad range of investments, including a variety of stocks, bonds and other assets. We have an unwavering belief in the value of diversification, as a way to smooth out the market’s ups and downs and help you progress steadily toward your goals. And we’re guided by decades of academic research showing that choosing the right blend of investment asset classes influences your investment returns more than picking the right stock, bond, or mutual fund.

How quickly and surely you move ahead also depends on paying attention to tax considerations, and when developing your investment plan, we’ll show you the expected after-tax returns of the strategies you are considering. We’ll also help you keep the costs of investing as low as possible—so your gains will be as large as possible.

Achieving what you really want in your financial life means making sure the money you’ve worked hard to earn continues to work hard for you. You can depend on us to help make that happen.

Making Your Dream Retirement a Reality

A comfortable, secure retirement isn’t your only financial goal, but it may be the most important. At Marathon Investment Management, we know what it takes to get you there.

As you look ahead to life after work, you face many crucial questions.

  • When will you retire?

  • What kind of lifestyle is important to you and your spouse?

  • How much have you accumulated so far?

  • Are you being realistic about your goals?

  • Do you have the discipline to stay the investment course?

  • What are your priorities, and what can you do to achieve them?

You may also be wondering just how long your retirement will last. With today’s medical technology and healthier lifestyles, life expectancies are rising rapidly, and you may worry that you could outlive your resources. And as more and more businesses do away with pension plans, the burden of saving for retirement has moved to your shoulders. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a pension, you’ll have to confront important issues, including whether to take lifelong payments or a single lump sum.

The team at Marathon Investment Management can help you through this maze. We can bring order to the chaos of retirement planning and give you the information and support you need to make informed decisions that are right for you.

We can help you consider all of your retirement planning resources, from 401(k) plans and individual retirement accounts to Social Security and your taxable investment savings. We’ll also talk to you about distribution options—when to withdraw money from which accounts, and how to handle the all-important tax considerations involved in retirement-fund distributions.

We invite you to visit with us and ask any question about your investing future. We are here to help you with Wealth Building for the Long Run.